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Costs should never be a barrier to dental health. That’s why we partnered with Healthcare Finance Direct to create a one of a kind payment plan making it possible for everyone to afford the care they need.

Only at A1 Dental Services can patients pay their dental expenses over a 12-month period without interest. All patients, regardless of income level and credit score are eligible for payment plans up to $7,000 with 0% interest.

Call us today to start your bright, healthy smile sooner, not later.

Patients Approved


Down Payments As Low As


Payment Plans Up To


Everyone Is Approved

Healthcare Finance Direct Approves 100% of our patients for payment plans up to $7,000.

No Credit Impact… Ever!

Patient credit scores are never impacted because we underwrite only performing a soft credit check.

No Pay Off Penalty

Pay off your balance at any time without any penalties or fees


  • Come in for an initial consultation

    Come see us for an initial consultation so that we can take an X-Ray and get the right treatment plan in place for you. You do not need an appointment, but you are welcome to make one. Click here to make an appointment.

  • Complete the 60-second application

    After we get your treatment plan in place, we will send a custom application right to your phone or tablet. Unlike most financing, this application typically takes less than a minute to complete. 

  • Make your down payment

    Once you are approved, our financing partner will ask for a debit, credit, or HSA/FSA card to process a down payment. Qualified patients put 0% down, while those facing credit challenges can expect a maximum down payment between 15-30%. 

  • Get your smile back

    Then, it’s time to get your smile back. After making your downpayment, our office will instantly begin implementing your treatment plan, allowing you to pay the remaining balance over a period of 6 to 36 months (depending on the plan you selected).

Who Is Healthcare Finance Direct?

Health Care Finance Direct is the nations leading pay over time option in healthcare. Our mission is to ensure that every patient can get the treatment they need at a monthly payment that fits their lifestyle.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Dentures Today, Pay Later program work?

The Dentures Today, Pay Later program ensures that every patient can get the dental care they need immediately but pay for the cost over time. To apply, please come into our office and ask to pay with Healthcare Finance Direct.

Then, after completing a short application on your phone or tablet, you can select the length of your plan and the amount you want to pay each month.

Also, don’t worry about being denied because Healthcare Finance Direct approves 100% of our patients for

Is it possible that a patient can be denied approval by Healthcare Finance Direct?

No. Healthcare Finance Direct approves 100% of patients for up to $7,000.

How much will my down payment be?

Qualified patients put 0% down, but if your credit score is lower than you would like, you should expect your down payment to be between 15-30%.

Is the payment plan only for dentures?

No. You can use our payment plan to cover the cost of any of our dental services. 

Will applying for Healthcare Finance Direct affect my credit score?

Patient credit scores are never impacted because Healthcare Finance Direct only performs a
soft credit check.

Is there a fee if I want to pay off my balance early?

No. You can pay off your balance at any time without any penalties or fees.

Can I change my monthly payment method?

Yes. After you create your Healthcare Finance Direct account, click “view finance details” on
your dashboard. Then, under the payment method option, click ‘edit’ and you’re done!

How do I change my monthly payment due date?

After you create your Healthcare Finance Direct account, login and click on “Profile.” From the
“Manage” tab, you can select your new due date! Also, as long as you are three or more days
from your due date, you can request a payment pushout with Healthcare Finance Direct’s
customer care team.

How do I contact Healthcare Finance Direct?

You can call Healthcare Finance Direct’s customer care team at (661) 616-5203. Alternatively,
you can chat with a live representative or send them an email. Click here to get started:

We’ll Help You Smile Again!

Cee Mara
Cee Mara
November 10, 2023.
I absolutely LOVE all the ppl working here! From the receptions all the way up to the lead dentist. They are all really Nice, polite, patient and understanding. They clearly have advanced knowledge in what they do because they are Quick and Efficient! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND! OH and b4 I forget to say… my 1st time there, she told me my co pay was like $80. 😳😬. I said Oh I thought my Medicaid insurance covered and all I had to bring was a $4 Co-Pay. She goes Oh Yes! That’s right! I just didn’t want to assume U had Medicaid! I wish I knew her name because that modicum of respect spoke Volumes! Absolutely Recommend
Mary Bishop
Mary Bishop
November 4, 2023.
I have been dealing with weak teeth for over 5 years. I work in education and coach so my missing teeth really had me feeling bad about myself. I moved here 3 years ago and have been looking for a dentist that would offer a payment plan. Then I found A-1 Dentist. They pulled 9 teeth and had my dentures before I left for the day. The dentist was so kind and worked hard carefully extracting my teeth. I am not going to say it is not painful because it is some of the worst pain I have had. But it will all be worth in when I heal. The teeth look amazing and I am so happy. The staff really went above and beyond to help me. They were all so nice. I enjoyed listening to their conversations when extracting my teeth. It really helped relax me. I would recommend A-1 Dentist if you need dentures or a partial.
Eddie Barefoot
Eddie Barefoot
November 1, 2023.
Great people to work with. Dentist explained everything well and went over all options. Decided to pull the 9 teeth he suggested and do a full upper and partial lower. Everything went smooth with no pain doing the extractions. Dentures look great and fit fairly well for same day service.
Ben Wherry
Ben Wherry
October 16, 2023.
This is the second occasion I've been privileged to have a tooth extracted. Very little bleeding, and no pain during and after the pulling of my tooth. Again, my second experience. They are the best and really care about their patients and their comfort throughout the process of their dental visits. Please keep uo the great work. God bless you'll
S South
S South
August 17, 2023.
I had a severely cracked tooth & was given an appointment for the next day. The oral surgery went very smoothly.
Tracy Manuel
Tracy Manuel
August 17, 2023.
A large piece of a back tooth broke. It didn't hurt for 6 months but then it started hurting. Because of the cost of a root canal and crown I decided to pull it. Dr. Nabors did a great job of explaining what he was going to do. It was painless and I've had little pain after it was pulled. I would highly recommend A-1 Dental. Very reasonable prices.


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