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Complete Your Smile in One Day

If you have suffered significant tooth loss, you have gone without your teeth long enough! At A1 Dental Services in Greensboro, we are here to help you. It’s a challenge to face each days simplest things because of your missing or failing teeth. Your time is valuable, and it’s not feasible to go long periods of time without an urgent tooth replacement. However, at A1 Dental Services we will rebuild you a beautiful and functional smile the today with same day dentures in Greensboro. We handle everything in our in-house, state of the art 10,000+ square foot dental lab. When you have Urgent Tooth needs, you can walk out of our office with your new smile in half a day (if you are in by 9 am)

Dentures With Out the Wait

While some teeth may fall out naturally with age, there are cases in which we need to remove the rest of the teeth before placing full dentures. In fact, many people find it easier to replace all of their teeth instead of having partial dentures. However, that can mean that people will need to make multiple trips to the office and go several days to even a week without teeth.

By investing in A1 Dental Services same day dentures, you can receive your dentures that afternoon after we remove your teeth and you can avoid having to come back later like a lot of other denture offices in Greensboro. You can put your worries aside as we will ensure that you have the proper sedation so you do not feel anything while we remove the remaining teeth in the mouth. 

No need to spend several days without teeth while waiting for a dental lab to construct the dentures, with A1 Dental Services you can begin the adjustment process right away!

Urgent Tooth Care in Greensboro

Did you know that nearly 3/4 of American adults have lost at least one tooth? Most Americans have lost an average of 12 teeth before they even turn 50! There are many reasons people lose teeth: accidents or injuries are one reason, but also some medical treatments or conditions can lead to tooth loss.  However, for most Americans, the loss of teeth is due to dietary issues which can cause tooth decay and gum disease. These can be prevented by fixing the types of food they eat and caring for your teeth regularly preventing gum disease and tooth decay

If you are losing teeth, you need to know that losing teeth can lead to serious problems with your mouth. Your remaining teeth may decide to take up space in your mouth by moving to replace the teeth you lost. This could cause problems with your bite. You might also begin to lose bone density in your jaw, which over time, could change the shape of your face. These problems are much more serious than losing a tooth because of gum disease.

Benefits of Same Day Dentures in Greensboro

  • Never Go Without Teeth

    Teeth are not only necessary for chewing, but they improve articulation in your speech. Don’t go with out teeth in your mouth, get dentures today at A1 and gain more self confidence and get back to doing what you love.

  • Protect Your Gums

    Gums are incredibly sensitive, especially after tooth extraction. Without some type of dentures, they might suffer from injuries or bacterial infection. But same day dentures cap the gum to offer protection.

  • Protect Current Teeth

    Dentures can play a crucial role in protecting your natural teeth. They redistribute pressure evenly across the mouth while you are chewing your food.

We are a walk-in clinic, no appointment is necessary, but if you need to speak with someone please feel free to contact us.

Monday – Friday

7:30 AM – 3:00 PM

Frequently Asked Questions

Do same day dentures hurt?

As with any dental treatment, it’s normal to be concerned about pain. Although the dentures themselves will not necessarily hurt, you may experience some pain and swelling while you recover from your tooth extractions. As your gum tissue heals and you have adjustments made to your denture, you will enjoy a comfortable fit without any irritation.

Will my denture look natural?

Let’s face it, dentures have a bad reputation for looking fake. Although this may have been true in the past, you can rest assured your new smile will look natural. Our office embraces the latest technological advancements and uses high-quality material to improve the fit, durability, and aesthetics of your new smile. Your denture is custom-made to mimic your natural teeth, so no one will tell they are not your own.

How soon can I use an adhesive?

An adhesive will hold your denture in place, minimizing slipping and irritation, so you can speak, smile, and chew without any concern; however, you shouldn’t use one right away. It is best to wait until any extraction sites have healed, which can take about 7 to 10 days. This ensures a more comfortable transition after the gum tissue has covered the extraction sites. You may need to try a few different products to find the right adhesive for your individual needs and your preferences.

What holds dentures in place?

Partial dentures are clasped into place attached to surrounding teeth. Full dentures are formed to fit snugly against the gums. This creates suction that holds the prosthetic in place. Some patients also use a small amount of denture adhesive to improve the stability of their denture. For the most natural feeling dentures, dental implant supported restorations are the ideal option. They almost completely recreate healthy tooth function.

Can I keep my healthy teeth?

Absolutely. If you have healthy remaining teeth, we want to preserve them. For patients who do have healthy teeth, we’ll create a partial denture. These dentures fit snugly between remaining teeth recreating the natural smile line and leaving you with healthy, natural function. Partial dentures are held in place by clasps attached to remaining teeth or they can be supported by dental implants. We offer both forms of partials for your convenience.

How long will the procedure take?

The length of the procedure will vary on the patient’s teeth, structure of the mouth. There are three phases, preliminary back teeth extraction (if necessary), the fabrication phase, and insertion phase. Altogether, this process can a few appointments, however, we will be able to place the immediate dentures in the same appointment we pull the teeth.

We’ll Help You Smile Again!

Cee Mara
Cee Mara
November 10, 2023.
I absolutely LOVE all the ppl working here! From the receptions all the way up to the lead dentist. They are all really Nice, polite, patient and understanding. They clearly have advanced knowledge in what they do because they are Quick and Efficient! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND! OH and b4 I forget to say… my 1st time there, she told me my co pay was like $80. 😳😬. I said Oh I thought my Medicaid insurance covered and all I had to bring was a $4 Co-Pay. She goes Oh Yes! That’s right! I just didn’t want to assume U had Medicaid! I wish I knew her name because that modicum of respect spoke Volumes! Absolutely Recommend
Mary Bishop
Mary Bishop
November 4, 2023.
I have been dealing with weak teeth for over 5 years. I work in education and coach so my missing teeth really had me feeling bad about myself. I moved here 3 years ago and have been looking for a dentist that would offer a payment plan. Then I found A-1 Dentist. They pulled 9 teeth and had my dentures before I left for the day. The dentist was so kind and worked hard carefully extracting my teeth. I am not going to say it is not painful because it is some of the worst pain I have had. But it will all be worth in when I heal. The teeth look amazing and I am so happy. The staff really went above and beyond to help me. They were all so nice. I enjoyed listening to their conversations when extracting my teeth. It really helped relax me. I would recommend A-1 Dentist if you need dentures or a partial.
Eddie Barefoot
Eddie Barefoot
November 1, 2023.
Great people to work with. Dentist explained everything well and went over all options. Decided to pull the 9 teeth he suggested and do a full upper and partial lower. Everything went smooth with no pain doing the extractions. Dentures look great and fit fairly well for same day service.
Ben Wherry
Ben Wherry
October 16, 2023.
This is the second occasion I've been privileged to have a tooth extracted. Very little bleeding, and no pain during and after the pulling of my tooth. Again, my second experience. They are the best and really care about their patients and their comfort throughout the process of their dental visits. Please keep uo the great work. God bless you'll
S South
S South
August 17, 2023.
I had a severely cracked tooth & was given an appointment for the next day. The oral surgery went very smoothly.
Tracy Manuel
Tracy Manuel
August 17, 2023.
A large piece of a back tooth broke. It didn't hurt for 6 months but then it started hurting. Because of the cost of a root canal and crown I decided to pull it. Dr. Nabors did a great job of explaining what he was going to do. It was painless and I've had little pain after it was pulled. I would highly recommend A-1 Dental. Very reasonable prices.


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